$15,000.00 $7,500.00 / month


Tier 4 is not only high risk; but it also give you MORE trades! $1k or more in your account would be a good starting point for this tier! The Tier 4 rate is due upfront, you don’t have to pay any percentages of potential profits. It is a monthly fee ONLY if you make profit from your investment (profit includes all money paid for service as well as trading account). If you do not profit after any month, you can opt to have free trading services until profit is realized.

TO SIGN UP: Please send payment (only the rate of the tier) via Zelle or Apple Pay to: 310-951-6460 or CashApp: $ElijahBryant3rd  ***After payment; please text the number above with proof of payment and then you will get the steps to start your account!

*Please read terms and conditions before completing purchase*.