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Forex is Foreign-Exchange. We will teach you how to trade in the currency market ; making profits from the rise and fall of the world’s many currencies.

All you need is a phone, or computer to begin trading Forex for YOURSELF; no need to trust anyone else with investing your hard earned money!

Forex is by far the easiest market to get into as a new trader; with a surprisingly small initial investment needed ( your dinner costs more than you’ll need to begin ).

Despite the incredibly low investment needed; the Forex market reports a daily turnover of $5.3 trillion in the US. Allow us to teach you how to get a piece of that massive pie!

Psychological management
Technical analysis
Risk management
  • Psychological management – Understanding yourself as a trader, and learning to control how you respond to winning, and losing.  We aim to help each of our students make sound, calm, emotionless choices while trading; which translates to becoming profitable.
  • Technical analysis  – The skill set behind analyzing charts. We believe that trading is like playing a game; analyzing the charts becomes easiest when you know technicals. That is how you will know when to enter, close, wait for, etc.
  •  Risk Management – Learning to manage your risk is how you keep yourself in PROFIT in the grand scheme of trading. You learn to must manage this!

Student Love

I trade now on a daily basis because of generationblack. They inspire me to become a better trader, and person through their guidance, encouragement, and knowledge. I’ve become so passionate about trading, and hope to meet Storm, Eir, & Legend one day!

Francesca Perticarini

generationblack will have you profiting in no time. If you would like to succeed in learning Forex, this program is for you! Do not hesitate, education is the key!

Darrick Vick Jr

What a wonderful experience. There are so many forex courses out there, it can be really hard to find the correct way to trade. generationblack made it SO simple, and FUN. They cover all the bases, and there’s no stone unturned in their training. I look forward to future trainings!

Tabitha Stancil

Why Choose Us?

Account Management

COMPLETELY hands-free trading. You don’t have to know how to trade. We manage your account & execute trades for you while you’re sleeping, working; & spending time with the family!

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FULL Account Access

You never send us your investment. Your account is in your own name & only you can deposit & withdraw funds whenever you’d like to! You have complete control & can watch all trades in realtime!

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You should be able to speak directly to the manager of your account. Every week you are able to speak directly and live to your account manager if you wish! Answering all questions and breaking down the direction of your account.

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